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Místo: Palermo, Italy
Hostitelská organizace: Associazione InformaGiovani
Termín realizace: March 2017 - February 2018
Uzávěrka přihlášek: 12th OF SEPTEMBER

Main activities for volunteers
EVS volunteers will support IG staff in task related to incoming and outgoing volunteering. All volunteers will be involved in contacts with local partners for the preparation and organization of local voluntary projects (workcamps) and will participate in leaders trainings. If they wish so, volunteers will also will support the coordination of workcamps.
Tasks for volunteers in incoming area includes:
- contact with local partners (including visit to campsites) for the preparation of workcamps
- preparation of documents related to workcamps, such as infosheet (informative document with general information on IG, and specific ones on the workcamp (logistics, contact person and activities that will be carried out)
- placement: to deal with registration process of volunteers to workcamps in Italy; to keep communication with volunteers, sending organisation and local partner; to deal with visa invitation letter, if necessary
- database: keep up-to-date database on workcamps opportunities
- support the preparation of InformaGiovani participation in international meetings related to workcamps
- evaluation: send evaluation form to volunteers and analyse/elaborate answers to questionnaire
- promote italian camps among potential potential volunteers abroad (mainly done by newsletter and Facebook).
Tasks for volunteers in outgoing area includes:
- informing potential volunteers of volunteering opportunities abroad (update Facebook page and website, prepare newsletter, participate in meetings with students, associations, etc)
- placement: to deal with registration process of volunteers to workcamps abroad; to keep communication with volunteers and hosting organisation;
- database: keep up-to-date database on workcamps opportunities
- evaluation: send evaluation form to volunteers and analyse/elaborate answers to questionnaire
FURTHER training opportunities
Beside the national trainings organized by National Agency, EVS volunteers in InformaGiovani will surely take part in different trainings connected with: leading international voluntary projects, online communication tools, interculturality in youth work, etc.

Volunteer profile

Ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:
- strong motivation for youth work and voluntary projects;
- experience in volunteering/workcamps
- ability to team working
- digital competencies (knowledge of placement programmes, such as E-VET, Plato or SCI-OPS will be evaluated positively)
- good knowledge of English and basic knowledge of Italian (Italian language is required in particular for outgoing tasks and to participate in promotional activities with italian youth)
- flexible (during placement season, most of the work could be done during week-ends)
- Driving licence is not a must but will be welcome.

Accommodation arrangement

Accommodation in shared flat with other volunteers.
Double room for volunteers plus common living room.
House is equipped with all needed.

How to apply:
ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM by filling the form available at
Please note that we require also a CV (to be attached online) and a specific motivation letter. General motivation letter related to general volunteering will lead to rejection of the candidature.
If you have a sending organization, please mention it in the Motivation letter.
Only selected candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview.


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